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Date of birth: 22-Dec-1960
Age: 50
Height: 163cm - 5'4''
Weight: 55kg - 121 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Fair
Build body: slim
Education: University
Profession: economist
Smokes: No
Zodiac: Capricorn
Marital status: divorced
Children: m, 22,
English: Understands basic written text with help of dictionary, needs complex letters translated.
In own words: I have a lot of energy and life to live and I do not want to live alone. I can value family relationships and I am very loyal in love and friendship. I am divorced. I find myself cute and I am looking much younger than my age. I feel I am alone in this world. I am NOT SAD, I do not feel unhappy, but I feel alone. I can do, and I do, a lot of things now, I never could do in the time I was married. I am the woman who always was, and always will be satisfied with the little things, life gives me. For example: I feel happy when it is beautiful weather, I enjoy to drink a cup of coffee. I like to be at home, to make it cosy, to have dinner with candles, a good wine, and beautiful music. Classical, jazz, country, soul etc, almost all styles, whatever is appropriate for my state of mind or mood, just what my soul needs at a given moment. While I love to go out, I just as much love to stay at home and be alone with the man of my life. I do not smoke. I can speak English but not fluently. I work as an office- economist. I have higher education and I have finished Academy.
Seeks Partner: I prefer to meet a man who seeks to create a happy contented family. I would like to meet a kind, clever, careful, prosperous, businessmen who would like to create a strong and good family and would care of me. I am ready to give such man my love, tenderness, fidelity, care and warmth of my heart. I am ready to share joy and difficulties of our joint live. I respect and honour family relations very much. I am looking for a man who loves to learn and knows that each day is a gift. I want a man who lives n the present. For it is only in the present that we experience the gift of each day that we are blessed with. Fond memories of the past are good and planning for the future is good. But the present is where life is. I look for a sincere man, a man who loves to be a man. I look for a companion of life, I look for the true man!!!
Seeks Partner: 52 - 65 years old
Her location: Kiev, Ukraine

russian women for marriage Russian women marriage agency Kiev Ukraine women russian women for marriage Russian women marriage agency Kiev Ukraine women



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